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How to add Cleverio lights to Home Assistant

Hi guys, long time since posting, so here is a simple little guide!

Today i’m going to walk you through the (very basic) process of adding Cleverio lights into Home Assistant, it’s very straight forward, thought that i could create an article for this so more people know that it works. Not everyone affords Philips Hue, right? 😉

Can be any Cleverio light, GU10, E27 or E14, in my case i will be using GU10 RGB, which were very affordable, about $8.5.

We will begin by adding the light to an app called TuyaSmart (Link -> android, iOS). Why should i install Tuya instead of SmartLife that Cleverio actually recommends you may ask? Because SmartLife app isn’t compatible with Home Assistant unfortunately. (it’s basically the same app with a different skin)

Anyway, here we go:

  1. In TuyaSmart app, go to lighting and click on Lighting (Wi-Fi) (on Swedish belysning) (register an account first obviously)


2. Follow the instructions on-screen, which basically is, wait for the light to flash.

3. When the light is successfully added to Tuya go to Home Assistant

4. In Home Assistant, go to Configuration > Integrations > click the + icon > Search for Tuya > Add

5. Finished!


Couldn’t be more simple, right?


Questions? Comment down below