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Work Folders Troubleshooter Software

Sharing some software with you today!

You can use this very very simple tool to search for specific error codes that recently occured on your or a remote computer (administrative rights is required).

This might be useful for those who aren’t comfortable using event viewer or if you just have a lot of work folders errors, instead of remotely looking through event viewer.

I don’t really except anyone to use this, but i’m putting it here so that i can use it at a later timeĀ  if needed. (= never)




  • Computername: Your own computer, or a remote
  • Keyword: Free search basically, for example you can type in error, or warning
  • Id: Event ID, filter out only specific ID’s that you know you want to find.
  • Days back: History, only show e.g 5 days of history


Google Nest Audio – Should you get it?

Google unveiled its new speaker at their hardware event – Google Nest Audio!

I myself own 3 Nest minis (2nd gen) & a Google Nest Hub, and i love them! The only thing i wish

Credit: Google

was better, is the bass. But to be fair, it’s a small speaker, you probably cannot get better bass from a speaker that small.

Google says that the Google Nest Audio has 50% more bass and 75% more volume than the original Google Home speaker.


According to a Youtube video the bass isn’t that heavy on the Google Nest Audio, it’s probably way better than the Nest mini ofcourse, but if you want that really nice bass, you would probably want to get the Google Home Max instead.

With that said, i think this will be a great product in between the Google Home Max and Nest mini (and Google Home).

I will probably don’t buy one right now since i already have a couple of Google speakers at home, but if i need to add more speakers to the house in the future, i will probably go for this one.

Price is currently about $99, which i think is fair actually.

What do you guys think about this speaker? Is this the first smart-speaker you’re going for?

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